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Best tradeshow marketing tips and case studies. Call 800-654-6946.

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What if Your Tradeshow Booth is Overwhelmed with Visitors?

I suppose having your tradeshow booth overwhelmed with visitors is a good problem to have, but if you have a small booth staff that can’t handle the number of visitors, it can be frustrating. If you get lucky enough to face this problem, what should you do? Certainly, you want to capture contact info from […] Read more

@Tradeshowguy Exhibitor’s Toolkit

What is the Tradeshowguy Exhibitor’s Toolkit? It’s a collection of concepts, ideas, practices and strategies to assist you and your team to a much better tradeshow exhibiting experience than you’re currently having. If you’re having a good experience, bringing home lots of leads and meeting lots of people, these strategies will help you bring home […] Read more

Magnet Productions Demo Reel

Tradeshow colleague Ken Newman’s Magnet Productions just released their newest demo reel. Since all they do is draw mobs of crowds to tradeshow booths, this is probably something that you should see. As Andy Saks of Spark Presentations said in his Facebook post mentioning the reel, “thanks to the lovely and talented Ken Newman and […] Read more

What Gets You Noticed at a Tradeshow?

After walking the floor of many a chaotic tradeshow, I’m always interested (and somewhat amused) by what catches my eye. And what doesn’t. So what works to bring ’em in? What is like honey to the fly? Here, in no particular order, are several things that made me stop and take a look at a […] Read more

Tradeshowguy Blog: A Look Back at ’09

Tradshowguy Blog was launched early in 2009 for several reasons. While it’s been almost a year – but not quite – I thought it might be a good time to turn the spectacles to the past year. First, I started the blog because I had been itching for an outlet for thoughts, ideas, interviews and […] Read more

Influencers That Influence ME

What is an INFLUENCER? To me it’s someone that gets your attention in any number of ways. It could be a video I saw. Could be a book or article or blog post. Or podcast. Or someone I know in my actual, real life as opposed to online. These are the people whose tweets I […] Read more

Best 5 Event Blogs of 2011

Here we are getting down to the ‘smaller’ blogs. Yet they pack a punch. I like the blogs operated by a single person or a small company with information and posts from dedicated bloggers. It’s refreshing and illuminating to see what types of posts come out of the smaller blogs. So, here are my favorite […] Read more

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