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Best tradeshow marketing tips and case studies. Call 800-654-6946.

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Would love to get to know YOU! Of course you’re welcome to comment on posts as you see fit, but I’m curious to know who you are, what you do, and what you find interesting (or not) on this blog.

What’s your job function? Where do you live? What ‘juices’ your daily life? What do you want to see more or less of on this blog?

If you have a blog, Twitter or Facebook page, feel free to drop your link in as well! You can find me on Twitter and also on Facebook.

I lifted this idea for an About You page from Valeria Maltoni, the Conversation Agent, whose blog is one of my favorites. She emphasizes the networking potential (and reality) of commenting on blogs and connecting with people on many different platforms.

Please leave a comment below and tell us who you are, what you do, links back to your sites…whatever works for you!

Tim Patterson

Tradeshow Marketing Expert & Dynamic Public Speaker/Trainer

  • Damian ,

    Ok – here’s the first, I have a unique and easy exhibition design tool at

    I read this blog to keep a finger on the pulse of the events and exhibitions industry. I need to provide the best possible tools for our clients, and so understanding the changing requirements industry is critical.

    I’d like to see some more facts and figures to show the state on the industry, and would love to read your opinion on what you think the future holds.


    • Mike O'Neil ,

      I’m The LinkedIn Rockstar – 30,000 connections, 1,000 concerts and Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp graduate (sang 3 songs on stage at The Fillmore in SF). It isn’t just LinkedIn and I don’t keep it all to myself. I’m perhaps the top LinkedIn trainer in the world, a Social Media expert in many ways and a lot of fun to hang with (so they say).

      My partner Lori Ruff is the better half here. We speak and train together and we co-wrote a popular LinkedIn book entitled “Rock The World with your Online Presence”, available on

      See all my links at

      • Ken Newman ,

        OK, Tim … since you were kind enough to ask …

        My San Francisco-based company, Magnet Productions, has been producing live trade show presentations since 1985. Our approach is to use humor to help our clients communicate their message and keep their booths packed with people. If our client wants a presenter to simply tell their story in a straightforward way, we do that. If a client wants our presenter to tell their story while riding a six-foot unicycle and escaping from a straitjacket … well, we do that, too.

        Our trade show business has been outstanding over the last couple of years in spite of a less than stellar economic climate. We honestly believe that this is in large part due to our social media efforts, as well as an emphasis on SEO. We have also gotten a lot of traction from our weekly blog:

        When I’m not producing trade shows or working as a corporate emcee, I work as an actor in film and television. I just finished shooting an independent feature, “Nominated”: which, if the stars continue lining up the way they have been, will be at The Sundance Film Festival this coming January.

        Am currently fronting a rock and roll band here in San Francisco (Last Bastion) and having the time of my life. Had been away from the music scene for way too long and am very happy to be back in the mix with a great bunch of musicians. (Some things ARE a lot more fun when you’re older.) Our Fanpage:

        Finally, not only has Social Media helped our company immeasurably over the last few years, but it also (via Twitter) led me to a wonderful business associate, and good friend, Tim Patterson.

        • Barbara Palmer ,

          I’m a senior editor at Convene magazine, published by the Professional Convention Management Association. You can read it online at, or read a less-pretty version on the Convene link at http;// Convene’s audience is meeting planners, a majority in senior positions, and we cover a wide range of meetings- and events-industry-related topics. Very happy to have come across your blog, filled with great ideas and resources. I will be a regular.

          Also about me: I am very enthusiastic resident of Brooklyn, love live music, have a family I am crazy about, and visit a bookstore or library at least three times a week.

          • Karen Silvers ,

            Hi Tim, what a great idea! It’s so great to see what kind of people are following your blog.

            I am THEE Promo Marketing Expert. I create all sorts of branded merchandise programs from trade show giveaways, signage, and employee apparel, to pre and post show mailings. I can put your company logo on anything…or anyone…and I keep it interesting.

            I’m known for having the hottest and most unique items in the industry through my blog “Oh, Are You Marketing? I Haven’t Noticed!”

            You’ll never look at a promo pen or boring ceramic mug the same way again…try me.

            Your blog is my favorite source of education and tips in the industry. Your writing brings out your personality and your expertise and I really enjoy the links you share as well. I’d love to see more case studies of clients you’ve worked with. I’m intrigued to see your creations after the fact.

            Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

            -Karen Silvers

            • Heidi Thorne ,

              Hi Tim,

              Thanks for inviting me to share on your blog!

              As you know, I am a promotional products marketing expert, yes, that means imprinted T-shirts, pens, bags, mugs, and more. What separates me from my competition is that I help my clients and followers select products that are aligned with their marketing objectives, values, and image to build their businesses. My blog,, offers a wealth of articles on how to use promotional items, green marketing, effective tradeshow and event tips, book reviews, advertising, and more.

              In addition to educating marketing and event professionals on how to use these products, I also offer multiple online shopsites, targeted for specific needs including:

              * – Greener promotional products including recyclable, recycled, biodegradable, organic, fair trade, and made in USA items.

              * – Only items that are made in the USA, including many that are also union made, are featured on this shopsite. Since many sites do not disclose product origins, this is a perfect resource for those concerned about supporting American workers with their promotional choices.

              * – Quality promotional apparel and accessories for events and everyday wear.

              * – Collection of high quality food and gourmet/entertaining accessory gifts from leading suppliers in the promotional industry.

              Tim, your support and friendship means a lot to me. Appreciate this opportunity to share with your followers.

              Heidi Thorne

              • Marlys Arnold ,

                Thanks for inviting us to share, Tim! As you know, I’m a trade show marketing consultant and the author of several books. I live in Kansas City, but travel the U.S. working with exhibitors and show managers, providing them with tools to improve their trade show experience. In addition to teaching exhibitor workshops and consulting, I also write a monthly e-newsletter, TradeShowTips Online, and host the Trade Show Insights podcast. My articles have appeared in industry publications (online & off) and I’m honored to have been featured on your blog & podcast as well!

                I entered the trade show world as an exhibitor, but over the years have also organized several expos and events. This unique perspective of the industry from various angles allows me to share insights with both beginning and experienced exhibitors. Guess you can say I’m a trade show addict … I’ve had the opportunity to walk the aisles of all kinds of shows (from construction to medical to furnishings to petroleum) and come away jazzed by great ideas discovered at every one of them!

                What I enjoy about your blog is the interesting perspective shared, with a great dose of personality! Reading your posts makes us feel like we know you personally.

                Build a Better Trade Show Image
                Pack Your Bags! – Tips & Tools for Savvy Travelers
                ExhibitorEd: Tips, Tools & Action Plans

                Facebook: marlysarnold
                Twitter: @imagespecialist
                LinkedIn: marlysarnold

                • Andy Saks ,

                  Hi everyone! Great to meet you. I’m Andy Saks, I run a presentation design and delivery business called Spark Presentations.

                  I believe that a presentation is the most powerful form of communication available. It combines the mathematical efficiency of one-to-many communication with the emotional depth of face-to-face connections. And my mission is to make your presentations fun, so you make the maximum impact on your audience.

                  Toward that end, I offer all kinds of services. On the design side, I train and coach executives, salespeople and marketers to build and deliver their own clear, cohesive, compelling presentations. On the delivery side, clients often hire me to write and perform for them at public events like trade shows and traveling shows as an emcee, product presenter, game show host and theatrical player. I’ve also represented them on camera in radio and TV ads, and in cutting-edge video formats like pop-up BubbleComment videos.

                  Enough about me. How can I help YOU? I look forward to getting to know y’all, learning from you, and working with you soon!

                  All the best —

                  Web site:

                  • Kimberly Fisher ,

                    Hi Tim,

                    I am a writer, spokesmodel and owner of I book spokesmodels and speakers for tradeshows. Currently sitting at the NAMM show in Anaheim, last week was CES in Vegas…

                    • Tim Patterson ,

                      Hi Kim,

                      Thanks for chiming in! Feel free to tell me (and my readers) a bit more about what you do, how you do it, etc.


                      • Karin ,

                        Not sure if I have written the ABOUT ME before – so here goes:

                        The Tradeshow Network Marketing Group is a full-service trade show display company based in Chicago, Illinois. The type of trade show display products they provide include pop-up exhibits, inline exhibits, island exhibits, custom exhibits, table top exhibits, and other trade show accessories. In addition, The Tradeshow Network Marketing Group has created a rental inventory depot with a variety of choices to fit all budgets and trade show display booth space sizes. With these products, we also provide trade show services including exhibit design, exhibit installation and dismantle, trade show logistics, exhibit storage, exhibit management and trade show marketing services.

                        We just posted a new website –

                        But you can get us at our blog, facebook, or twitter. Just click on the link above.


                        Here is to a GREAT year for trade show business!!

                        • Mark Travers ,

                          Hi Tim.

                          You’ll like, the most comprehensive online directory of tradeshows, conferences, meetings and conventions in the USA and Canada. About 800,000+ people each year visit our site for tradeshow and conference details. Our users consistently say we have ‘better, more comprehensive and fresher data’ than other sources. Event owners can post their events at no cost and get leads from exhibitors, attendees, speakers and others. Please take a look.


                          • Sebastian Hunt ,

                            Great blog you have here, and a valuable resource for me and exhibitors.

                            Depending on an exhibitor’s goals, a well- briefed ‘live marketing’ magician can be more effective working in the aisles, spotting and engaging prospects, rather than hauling on mobs of delegates!

                            I call it the ‘Salmon Fishing’ approach and I have had remarkable success with this strategy in the UK, and particularly in the US where traditionally trade show magicians are expected to be on a podium with a head-mic!

                            If an exhibitor’s objectives are to scan a lot badges and to gain maximum visibility of their brand and message, then podium-style magic is extremely effective. However, when the exhibitor has identified a target demographic at the show, or even singled out named VIP marks, the experiential marketing credentials of using magic to engage and qualifying delegates face to face is pretty unbeatable.

                            In my experience it seems to be a really attractive option for SMEs, and particularly those in tech sectors.

                            Food for thought perhaps. I look forward to reading your blog regularly.

                            All the best,

                            Sebastian Hunt


                            • Liz ,

                              Hi Tim,

                              I work for an custom event app company based out of Pennsylvania and love your posts. Here at JUJAMA we create custom event apps for your event, conference, or trade-show. Our app gives you meeting/event scheduling, networking capabilities, data analytics, and customization!

                              Love the idea of getting to know your followers!

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