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Podcast: Tom Bowman Interview

As an exhibitor, no doubt the question of ‘greening’ your exhibit has come up. What’s the carbon footprint of shipping? What kind of materials can you use that are sustainable and recyclable? Are there ways to cut down the impact on the environment as you create, design and fabricate a new exhibit?

Great questions – and you should ask them of your next exhibit builder, whoever it is.

As those questions roll around, I got an email today from Tom Bowman of the Bowman Design Group.  He had forwarded a story about the conversation in climate change and how many scientists are not talking the same language so how can the average Joe or Jane expect to follow it?

As I was browsing the website of Tom’s new venture Bowman Global Change, I was impressed by a couple of things. First, that Tom is getting into some very high-level and interesting stuff. Second, he had a link to a podcast that I did with him just over a year ago.

I listened to the interview, and think it’s even more pertinent today than when we recorded it. So  I’m reposting it on our blog. Give a listen and learn how you – as someone involved in tradeshow marketing – can be mindful of your impact on our earth.

Climate Wire is the link for the news story that Tom sent on the challenges scientists face in communicating the issues to each other and to the layman. While you’ll need at subscription or at least a 30-day trial to access the actual story, it is a good source to review for news on climate change.

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