Best tradeshow marketing tips and case studies. Call 800-654-6946.
Best tradeshow marketing tips and case studies. Call 800-654-6946.

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Got a few minutes to spend? Great! We have some great ways to help you wast, er, uh .. spend your time – and learn something while being entertained!

It’s called a podcast, in case you’ve been living on Mars since 1971. And here are a batch of them that have been posted on over the past several months.


Andy Saks: Andy’s a terrific presenter and trainer, and spends a fair amount of his time working for clients at tradeshows.

Lew Hoff of Bartizon discusses iLeads, the new iPhone app:

Steve Farnsworth: how to use YouTube to explode your traffic at tradeshows.

Mike O’Neill: Author of Rock the World With Your Online Presence discusses everything from LinkedIn and Facebook to and Twitter and how those various social media platforms can be used to promote events.

Matthew Selbie: What is the Opiniator? How can you use it in your business? What can you do with it at tradeshows?

Pooja Dhawan of Want to find out how Facebook can work to draw people to your tradeshow booth? Find out how Pooja Dhawan of, a wholesaler of womens young contemporary fashions used Facebook and other social media outlets successfully.

Matt McCabe: what’s new and hot in the world of promotional products from Matt McCabe of

Eric Lukazewski: the tradeshow marketing ninja of Echelon Exhibits in Chicago discusses the company’s revamped website, social media marketing and Manny Ramirez’s arrival in Chicago.

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