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Podcast:’s Mike Morrison Interview

  • Richard ,

    I don’t see this working very well for events. I just can’t fathom a tradeshow where thousands of attendees are walking around listening to a radio held up to their ear. How are they going to carry on conversations, etc? What content could be that compelling? There are a lot of other ways to build traffic that don’t require this kind of expense and production.

    • Mike Morrison ,

      While I understand your point … let me correct a couple of possible misunderstandings you may have.

      a. Visitors do not necessarily go “around listening to the radio”. If you may recall in the podcast interview I mentioned that 75% of the attendees listened to the sponsors information right in front of the booth. The purpose of the trade show is to attract attendees to “listen” to their message about their products and services. This has been extremely effective with many of my clients.

      b. Secondly, content can be very compelling in many forms. Lo-power radio in particular has many advantages over graphic walls that may need replacing each show, costly literature and a sales crew that may be stretched thin. It is a non-threatening way to get the message across, and can be confidential if necessary.

      c. As for the cost, I believe you may be making inaccurate assumptions as to the affordability. I have been providing this service for 11 years, the last four specifically in trade shows and events and have seen first hand how powerful and cost-effective it can be. I would be glad to help you compare the investment in lo-radio vs. other ways to reach and engage with an audience.

      Thank you for your comments.

      • Richard ,

        Sorry, But it would never be in my marketing mix. I want people coming into the booth, not hanging around out on the perimeter listening to a radio.

        By the way, what are your effectiveness metrics? Do you have any lead conversion data, etc? That is the real tell about how good this works.


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