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Social Media and Tradeshow Marketing Survey: Initial Results

You may have had a chance to participate in our current survey (set to close 11.25.09) on Using Social Media to Promote Tradeshows.

I’m already getting initial results – some of which are eyebrown raising and others, not so much.

If you’d like to take the survey, you’re welcome to do so through the day before Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, see where your company compares to other survey respondents:

  • 95 percent are involved in social media (no surprise)
  • 80 percent use social media to promote their tradeshow appearances
  • 60 percent of companies have an active blog
  • 70 percent have a Facebook page
  • 85 percent of companies have someone representing the company on Twitter
  • Only half have a YouTube channel and most do NOT post regularly
  • 80 percent are either experimenting with ways to drive tradeshow sales or are heavily involved and looking for more ways to use Social Media in conjunction with tradeshow appearances

I’m not surprised that almost all companies are involved in some way, shape or form of social media. Ya almost gotta be today. Of course, the survey was online and promoted through e-mail and Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn, so you would think that people on those platforms would be involved in social media. Offline and in the ‘real world’ I continue to run into people that are NOT into social media, but are curious about it. Or not.

Also, glad to see that most companies use SM to promote their tradeshow appearances.

I did not expect quite the high numbers of respondents to say that their company has an active blog and a Facebook page. I suspect in the real world that stat is probably reversed. But companies that are online realize that FB and blogs are where the action is.

It appears that posting video online has a significant hurdle. While half report having a YouTube channel, most don’t post videos more than once a month – if that.

bam bam bam.

My guess is that part of that is somewhat of a technical barrier, but it’s probably more of a content barrier – ‘what do we put in the video?’ Anyone can get a Flip video camera and post videos with good content.

I have a hunch that a typical brick-and-mortar store doesn’t have the expertise, time or interest in posting videos. But if there is someone in the store that is interested, it would be a pretty easy matter to come up with a string of informational videos that would show off the company’s expertise.

I’ll post complete results in a week or so; I’ll leave the survey open through next Wednesday the 25th of November if you want to leave your reponses – I’d love to see what you have to say!

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