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Best tradeshow marketing tips and case studies. Call 800-654-6946.

12 Ways to Engage at Events Using Social Media

Some notes from the presentation I’m working on for the Event Marketing Summit. I’m presenting on May 16th in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency. Will you be there?

Not sure if any or all of these will make it into the presentation, depending on how the whole thing plays out, but I thought these notes were fun and worth sharing:

Three ways to use Facebook to engage your market at events

  • Include a FB widget on your blog
  • Invite friends and followers to your event
  • Post, post, post! Videos, photos, comments – and invite people to chime in. And do it in REAL-TIME!

Three ways to use Twitter to engage your market at events

  • Invite people to stop at various locations, post a photo (Twitpic) and tweet giving them a chance to win
  • Stop at at least three booths of people you DON’T know, send out a tweet with the show hashtag; giving you a chance to win.
  • Set up a central ‘tweet’ area where you display all the tweets from a specific hashtag; invite all tweeters to follow everyone else that tweets with that hashtag at the show.

Three ways to use YouTube to engage your market at events

  • Post pre-show videos showing people what to expect at the show (new products, special visitors, special deals, etc)
  • Set up a camera in-booth asking customers for testimonials, post on YouTube
  • Put together videos post-show showing viewers that weren’t there what they missed (wrap-up)

Three ways to use LinkedIn to engage your market at events

  • List and invite people to events
  • Target specific people through searches; target by searching show groups and companies you want to do business with
  • Invite a few limited people to a special ‘exclusive’ preview or offer a premium giveaway to those that you want to especially target


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