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To be a Social Media Writer

So you’re the company blogger, tweeter, Facebook poster and all-around social media go-to person. How do you make your posts readable, sharable, entertaining or informative? Here’s a quick list.

  • Shorter is better. There are no cut-and-dried rules, but whenever I feel like I need to write 750 words on something, I remember that a majority of Seth Godin’s posts are only a few dozen words each.
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    Make it easily digestible. Short posts are part of the task. The other part is to stick to one idea. Two ideas in one post: not so good. Two ideas should be split into two posts.

  • Be entertaining, informative or engaging. Find a new slant on an old topic. Introduce a character, take a different viewpoint, play devil’s advocate, spin a yarn. There are as many ways to say something, as there are readers.
  • ABC: Always Be Churning. If you’re the go-to social media person, everything – and I mean everything – may be fodder for a blog post or a tweet. Just make sure you follow the previous rule: be entertaining or informative or engaging. Keep your eyes and ears open.
  • Regular posting. The good news here: you get to decide what’s ‘regular’ for you and your readers. For some blogs, it’s several posts a day, or a week. For others, a handful of small, meaningful, insightful posts each month are plenty. And for others, one post every month or two is sufficient.

Find what works for you. Adjust as necessary. Rinse and repeat.

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