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Best tradeshow marketing tips and case studies. Call 800-654-6946.

9 things I Learned from #Exhibitor and #ExpoWest

Reflecting on the week I spent in Las Vegas and Anaheim in early March…

  1. People are learning how to use QR Codes. Finally.
  2. Video gets people’s attention. The various videos I posted on the YouTube Tradeshowmarketing channel got me recognized time and time again.

    Wait a minute...are you sure we're in Las Vegas??
  3. NetworKing is king. By hanging out with people I knew, I kept meeting more people that I may work with in the future.
  4. I’m not, nor have I ever been, crazy about Vegas. Smoking in casinos (ugh), expensive everything (yeesh).
  5. People remember you if you show up year after year…and that’s a currency that’s hard to beat. It was my tenth year at Expo West.
  6. Referrals come from building a history. During Expo West I got a handful of leads, thanks to referrals. And showing up year after year.
  7. There’s a ton of material to be had for a blog at every show. Just look. Lift the rock and pick a topic.
  8. First time at Exhibitor, can’t wait for the next time. Feels good to rub elbows with long-time industry peeps.
  9. By early February, I assumed I would not make it to Expo West, but ended up going thanks to some generous clients.  Treat your clients well and they’ll treat you well.
  10. Bonus: Twitter is a great tool to meet people. I spent two days at Expo West connecting with tweeps I met online. “Hi, I’m @tradeshowguy – saw your tweet!” is a great opening line. Once people know who you are – even if it’s only a recognizable Twitter handle – they’re happy to talk to you.
  • Tracy Lindsay ,

    Hi Tim- I recognized you by your hat. It was nice to meet you after seeing you on twitter. We have been going to Exhibitor forever. Those memories are priceless and it really is true that face to face time is still king. (or queen)

    That’s what she said

    • Tim Patterson ,

      Thanks, Tracy…hate to say it, but my old Stetson hat that I’ve had for a couple of decades has left me. I ended up leaving it on the plane and didn’t discover that I had until I passed through security. It never showed up in lost and found, so I’m presuming that someone else is having a good time with my old hat! Ah, well…time to re-brand with a new hat, I guess!

      • john-paull ,

        Great to meet you at Exhibitor in Vegas. I would agree that it’s great to go every year. I went to Exhibitor for the first time in 4 years as a follow up to EDPA in November and it was totally worth it. When I get back from Japan on 24th maybe you can come by our shop in Portland?

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