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Best tradeshow marketing tips and case studies. Call 800-654-6946.

Best Apps for Tradeshow Travel

A tradeshow attracts all sorts of people: vendors, exhibitors, store owners, tradeshow managers, booth handlers and more. They all have different goals at the show. But it’s safe to say that many of them end up doing a lot of the same tasks with a smart phone or iPad, which means that many use the same apps.

Here is a list of apps I’ve used a past tradeshow junkets that come in handy. Some are essential while others are just nice have.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Whether you use Google Maps of the native iPhone mapping app, getting from Point A to Point B in a rental car should be as easy as possible.




Alarm Clock

Yeah, who needs the hotel alarm clock when you have your clock app? I was glad I had it the time the power went out at the hotel!





Having a camera on your smart phone can be the handiest thing you’ll ever use. Need a picture of a booth? Want to record a quick video testimonial?

The Weather Channel

Yes, you spend most of your time inside, but knowing what’s going on outside can help you adjust travel and meeting schedules.



You could just open up your web browser, but the Wikipedia app makes it that much easier to look up something specific.




Driving a rental car means you assume risks. AAA’s app is very useful in helping you get roadside assistance, searching for hotels, and perhaps cashing in on member-only deals.


WC Finder

WC Finder

Out walking and need a potty? The WC Finder may help you out. I say ‘may’ because it doesn’t always have accurate information – although I’ve found it is correct more often than not.


Gas Buddy


You have to fill up the rental car before returning it. This app gives you easy access to the closest, lowest-priced gasoline.





Helps find your iPhone if you lose it. Of course, you’ll need a laptop or an iPad or you’ll have to coordinate with someone back in the office to find it, but Hidden is great at tracking lost iPhones.

ATT Scanner


ATT Scanner

One of many QR code scanners on the market.




Is Vine a source of silly six-second videos or does it help capture a client’s buzz and help spread it around? Once you try it, you may find you like it.




Set up your account to ping you whenever you get an @reply. Great way to keep up with online buzz by searching hashtags.




Post photos, updates and more quickly.




Check into places – you might even learn something about the area or see that a client or prospect is on Foursquare, too.





This has saved me more times than I can remember. Back up the computers at home and have immediate access to any archived file, like a forgotten set-up drawing or contact information. Easy to view and download files, which you can then forward via email.




Much the same as Dropbox, although there are strong differences. Dropbox can have shared files and folders, which can give clients access to files with more ease than Carbonite.




While I’ve used this app for a couple of years, I know that I haven’t come close to using all of its features. Those that do rave about it for file clipping and saving things that you can easily access on any device.




99 apps in one, including things like auto camera, Clinometer, Decibel measurement, flashlight, Plumb Bob, Sleep Aid and even a ton of fun things like generating a fake phone call or fake text when you just have to have a good excuse to get out of a meeting.




Everyone is here posting filtered photos, are you? Not essential, but lots of eyeballs there.





Great place to view and post photos of clients, booths, meetings, people and more.




Make cheap phone calls on wi-fi or 4G.





Find and pay for coffee.




Listen to your favorite tunes!



What are your favorite tradeshow travel apps?

  • Brynn Alexander ,

    Love these tips, and the best part is that many of these apps also double as great publicity and promo apps!

    • Kathy Griffin ,

      Hey, this is a wonderful list. Any event attendee traveling to another city to attend an event will likely find this very useful. Camera, alarm clock and Google Maps are certainly must haves and so are DropBox and Evernote, where you can simply upload objects and take notes in a hassle free manner, even when the event is in full swing. With apps like Instagram, Skype and Pinterest, you would also be able to upload and share event photos with friends. Indeed, anyone visiting a different city to attend a meeting should use this post as a checklist. Simply fantastic!

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