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Best tradeshow marketing tips and case studies. Call 800-654-6946.

7 Signs You Should Invest in Tradeshow Marketing

Never done tradeshow marketing before, but wonder if it’s something to finally seriously consider? Let’s take a look at seven signs you might recognize in your business that could steer you towards opting for tradeshow marketing as one of your marketing tools.

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    When your business has nearly maxed out its current marketing reach. One of the best and most cost-effective ways to reach new markets is through tradeshow marketing. You have access to buyers and decision makers far outside your local or regional markets if you set up an exhibit at a national tradeshow.

  2. When you’re selling enough product so that you’re banking a decent amount of change, giving you the option to spread your wings a little more in the marketing arena.
  3. When your product or service creates a buzz all on its own. Putting it on display at the right show can open even more doors.
  4. When you have a great partner that’s already exhibiting and is willing to bring you along for the ride. Let’s say they have a larger island booth but for a fraction of the price of exhibiting in that big of a space, they’ll bring you on as a complementary product or service.
  5. Your sales have plateaued, and you’re looking for a new source of prospects. Making the jump into tradeshow marketing is a great way to kick-start new sales and lead generation.
  6. You’re ready for a laser-focused marketing event. Putting all your skills and talents on display at a tradeshow means you’re ready to show off to a ton of potential customers. You’ll benefit in new leads and increased brand awareness.
  7. You’re ready to move from a small/local company to a regional or national company. If your product is ready for prime time (production and distribution), putting those wares on display at a tradeshow can open doors to new retailers and distributors that can help you achieve those higher goals.

No doubt there are other signs, but these 7 signals should alert you to the possibility that tradeshow marketing – if you haven’t done it yet – might be a good bet for your marketing dollars.

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  • trade show event management ,

    Thanks for sharing these points with us!

    • Brian ,

      Hi Tim, you amaze me every week with your content and depth of knowledge. Even after 26 years in trade show marketing I find you presenting refreshing new ideas. Thank you for sharing so willingly.

      • Tim Patterson ,

        Thanks, Brian – your comment is appreciated!

        • Tim Patterson ,

          You’re welcome!

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