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Customer Profile: Jason Graham-Nye of gDiapers


Interpretive Exhibits designed and fabricated a shelving back wall with signage (photo below) for gDiapers a year or two ago, and since then have gotten to know several of the great folks in the company.

Just last week gDiapers had a grand opening of their new location on MLK Jr Blvd in Portland. One reason we love working with gDiapers is because they expend a lot of effort doing good things in the world: they have a family-like atmosphere at their office where kids come to daycare; strong pro-environmental policies are a way of life, and its obvious that a lot of love and passion is floating through the building.

Business Name: gDiapers

Jason Graham-Nye

Person responding to questionnaire: Jason Graham-Nye

Title: Dad/ CEO / co-founder

Years in business: 5

Location: Portland, Oregon

Approx number of employees: 15

gDiapers booth fabricated by Interpretive Exhibits

Website Address:

Main target market: Mums and Dads and whoever has stores who cater to them.

Most successful marketing strategy/tactic or method: Tapping out most passionate customers and let them tell the story.

What is the best thing you get out of tradeshow marketing? It’s the one place where you can have conversations with key buyers in a compact period of time. The booth tells the brand story succinctly.

Biggest complaint? It is often hard to nail down appointment times at a trade show.

Favorite Quote: Whatever you focus on grows.

Biggest Lesson Learned: Everything takes twice as much time and twice as much money as you originally thought. And it’s all about the people.

Most extreme thing you ever did? 7 marathons completed.

Inspiring movie you’d recommend? Chariots of Fire.

Thanks to Jason and his awesome crew at gDiapers for participating in our Customer Profile!

Client Profile: Mountain Rose Herbs

Business Name:  Mountain Rose Herbs
Person responding to questionnaire: Irene Wolansky
Title:  Marketing Director
Years in business:  22
Location:  Eugene, Oregon
Approx number of employees:  65
Website Address:

Main target market: Our target market is fairly large, and includes almost everyone!  We sell retail to the public as well as wholesale to stores, co-ops, manufacturers, resellers, etc.

Most successful marketing strategy/tactic or method: We don’t believe that there has been a single successful marketing strategy for us.  Rather, we believe that it is a culmination of everything that we do which has led to our marketing success.  This includes print and web advertising, sponsorships of festivals and conferences, postcard and catalog mailings, e-newsletters, and our presence at tradeshows with our beautiful booth made by Interpretive Exhibits.

What is the best thing you get out of tradeshow marketing? We enjoy the opportunity to meet our customers and suppliers in person, make new contacts, and show people who we truly are.  For us, tradeshows are not about making sales, they are about strengthening new and existing relationships.

Biggest complaint? Our only complaints are sore feet at the end of the day and greedy attendees who grab everything in sight including our display materials!

Favorite Quote: Attendees often tell us that our booth is one of their favorite at conferences, but our favorite is when they tell us that they “find our booth an oasis in the middle of a hectic show.” People comment that it feels so relaxing and inviting at our booth that they don’t want to leave!  We let them stay as long as they would like.

Biggest Lesson Learned: Find a reliable company that you trust to set up your booth.  Interpretive Exhibits assisted us with this, and we are forever grateful to them.  We will never hire show labor again!

Most extreme thing you ever did?  Business or personal?
The most extreme thing that Mountain Rose Herbs has done was eradicating conventional products entirely from our product line.  We offer over 3,000 products, so this was no small task!

On a personal level I can’t think of a single most extreme thing that I have done, but it might be backpacking alone throughout Southeast Asia.  I spent 6 months in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia, and it was one of the most rewarding and amazing things that I have ever done.

All-time favorite movie? I don’t watch too many movies, but “Office Space” is definitely one of my all-time favorites.

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