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Best tradeshow marketing tips and case studies. Call 800-654-6946.

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The more I write about using social media to promote tradeshow appearances and events, the more it became obvious (hand to forehead – ba-bing!) that there should be some sort of checklist out there. Oh, sure there are tons of checklists for using social media for marketing. But nothing I could find that was tilted towards using social media for event, tradeshow and conference marketing.

Until now.

Stipulated: this could be – and probably is – incomplete. No one checklist can cover all eventualities. But I think I got at least 90% of what most tradeshow exhibitors, event organizers and marketers might run into when looking to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to promote their event. I’ll let you be the judge. In fact, I’ve included my email address and direct telephone line in there so that if you feel I’ve left something out, you’re invited to let me know. If it’s a solid suggestion, I’ll include the suggestion in a revised version.

So grab the document here and let me know how it works in YOUR WORLD! (it’s a 90 KB PDF direct link that opens in a new window).

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