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Best tradeshow marketing tips and case studies. Call 800-654-6946.

Staying Top of Mind With Social Media

Just got off the phone with a guy I’ve known for years in the tradeshow industry. He works for a great company in the Seattle-Olympia area that has a ton of capabilities. But it’s been a year or two since we chatted, until he called me and we discussed the various capabilities they have, I probably wouldn’t have thought of him if I needed those services for any of my clients at Communication One Exhibits. Which means if I needed those kinds of services I would have gone elsewhere.


Which raises the question: are you top of mind with the people you want to connect with?

One thing that’s great about social media is that it can be very effective at keeping you ‘top of mind’ of your followers and potential clients.  By tweeting and posting to Facebook frequently they’ll see you in their news streams.

This is a very effective tactic when employed with tradeshow and event marketing. By planning a social media campaign around your event appearance, you can shape the content to let people know about your appearance and related new products or services. Not to mention it’s a good time and place to be videotaping happy customers who stop by your booth. Nothing sells like a happy client, so film those testimonials when you can. You’ll get a lot of mileage out of them.

You may find social media boring or useless or kid-friendly – but your customers are there anyway.

You may find social media worthless because you don’t ‘get it’ – but with hundreds of millions of people spending more time each day on social media, your market definitely does ‘get it’.

You may not feel you know how to reach your market through social media – but there are plenty of tools available and experts around that can guide you if you need it.

You may feel that your kind of company doesn’t do social media – but I have yet to hear of an industry where people are NOT involved.

In short, if you want to continue to have people think of you when they need what you offer, social media is a powerful way to stay on top of their minds.

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