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Best tradeshow marketing tips and case studies. Call 800-654-6946.


6 Months of TradeshowGuy Monday Morning Coffee Guests

This month marks two years of the vlog/podcast TradeshowGuy Monday Morning Coffee. Most of the time I have a guest. And most of the time those guests are from the event industry. I don’t feel that guests must be from the tradeshow and event industry, but most of them are. I do want to have chats with people that are doing interesting things in business and would make for an interesting conversation. Browse through here for brief but insightful conversations with experts in tradeshow marketing, public speaking, communication, technology, entrepreneurship, photograph and much more!

Here’s a wrap of the guests that have appeared on the show in the past 6 months or so (all links open a new tab):

Kelly Mooney: a professional photographer with tips on creating a great headshot.

Internet marketer and public speaker Kathleen Gage discusses business, public speaking and marketing.

Mary Lou Burton is an event organizer and promoter. Her latest event is the annual Cannabis Collaborative Conference.

National Speaker Association Hall-of-Famer Terry Brock.

Entrepreneur and profitability consultant Thor Conklin.

Business credit expert Gerri Detweiler.

Communication skills expert Bill Lampton, Ph. D.

Marketing Expert Robert Middleton.

How does “revitilization of the human spirit” relate to tradeshows and events? Andrew Bennett of the Bennett Performance Group digs into this with me.

Classic Rental Solutions General Manager Jim Shelman looks at rental exhibits in 2018.

Author and entrepreneur Chris Reimer discusses his new Boosa Tech powerbank.

Publicity Hound Joan Stewart discusses some great ideas to create publicity around a tradeshow.

Sales Trainer Jeff Bajorek discusses sales prospecting.

Magician and professional tradeshow presenter Robert Strong.

International tradeshow expert Larry Kulchawik.

Tradeshow marketing  consultant Mike Thimmesch.

Professional photographer Irina Leoni discusses her approach to creating photos that tell a story about a business or a person.

Nathan Grepke, President of Blue Pony, talks about video and audio technology used on the tradeshow floor.

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Podcast: Ken Newman Interview

Podcast Interview with Ken Newman, Magnet Productions in San Francisco. Ken has been doing tradeshow presentations for 25 years, and just recently returned from a big show where, lo and behold, traffic was great and his client brought home more leads from last year. Ken’s a terrific, talkative guy and discusses what it takes to put on an effective tradeshow presentaiton. And to think we met on Twitter: Ken Newman on Twitter and IE’s TradeshowGuy on Twitter.

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