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QR Code Scanning Failures (Video Demo)

Getting increasingly frustrated by the inability of my smartphone to scan QR Codes that show up in magazines, I thought it would be worthwhile to show exactly what happens (or doesn’t) when it’s time to find out more information.


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  • Mike Vincent ,

    Tim, you’re not alone. QR codes are nice and visually attractive, but in reality until all phones can scan automatically without first downloading and then opening an app it’s a frustrating experience. Combine that with the use of non-mobile optimized web pages, and it’s usually a waste of 30 seconds for someone interacting with the code.

    At trade shows, SMS keywords are my recommendation. Why?

    1. ~97% of folks have SMS capability on their phones.
    2. You can read keywords on a sign from a distance, and send the text discreetly. I’d say the same attendees that may not want to talk to you are also not going to walkup, point and shoot for fear that they’ll get a pitch.
    3. SMS is very interactive. Surveys, contests, alerts,trivia, text-2-vote (with screen integration) are a few examples.

    • Tim Patterson ,

      Thanks for your comments, Mike. I agree that QR Codes are visually ‘cool’ but in reality have some ease-of-use issues. And I can see how SMS would be much easier for the user, even if it’s not as hip.

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