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Always Somebody Smaller, Always Somebody Bigger

It doesn’t matter what size your company is. It doesn’t matter how big your tradeshow booth is compared to your neighbor or competitor at the big tradeshow.

There will always be a company that is bigger than you. There will always be a competitor that is smaller than you, and probably nipping your heels.

There’s a sports analogy here somewhere, let’s see if, by fishing for it, I can find it.

We can’t concern ourselves with the other team. We have to play our game to the best of our ability. – a coach somewhere

I’m sure that applies in business as well. You should be aware of your competition, certainly, but more importantly, take care of all business needs in-house. That’s the paramount need to succeed.

So when it comes to tradeshows, you’ll always be somewhere in the middle. Others will be bigger, richer, have wider distribution, more products and more staff. There will be competitors who are smaller, with fewer resources, have less distribution than you and fewer products available.

The biggest competitor – and the biggest cheerleader – will always be yourself.

  • Kevin Hilton ,

    Hi Tim, we couldn’t agree more! It’s not about how big your budget is or the amount of staff you have, it’s about utilising the resources you have to make the produce the best event possible. Whether it’s 3 of you or 30 of you, there’s always a way to make something spectacular.

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