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Sights and Sounds of Exhibitor 2012, Take One

Thought I’d share a few videos I took on the floor of Exhibitor 2012 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas this week. My two-day stint in the Classic Exhibits booth is over.

Here’s the first video: a compilation of some of the sights and sounds on the floor, along with chat with a few folks:


I ran across Step 1 Dezigns, a company that focuses on the latest in LED show lighting….and found some very interesting things!


Classic Exhibits Prepares for Exhibitor 2012

I’ve had the pleasure of representing Classic Exhibits, based in Portland, Oregon, for several years. They produce great products and work diligently with customers and end users to give excellent value. They’ve exhibited at Exhibitor in Las Vegas for years, showing off great new exhibits that lead the industry.

This year could be different. When I got wind of their exhibit this year, I just had to investigate. After all, that’s what I do.


Top 5 Social Media Videos of 2011

Of course it’s absurd to call any set of five videos ‘the Top 5’ but it’s fun to create lists, anyway. For the past week I’ve been reviewing videos of 2011 to see which ones floated to the top. There are a lot of social media videos (of course), but these are the five that grabbed my attention.


Social Media Revolution 2011

This video captured the zeitgeist of the various social media stats floating around and presented them in a compelling way:


Egypt’s Uprising: Tracking How Social Media Stirred Action

Social media is changing the world, and giving voice and freedom to a generation that won’t sit still while the current leaders try and keep the status quo. Here’s an interview from Dubai-based News Group International on how social media affected some of the uprisings in the Middle East:

Watch the video here. (7:40)

Adam Ostrow: After your Final Status Update

What happens to all those thousands of pieces of content you’ve created after you die? Adam Ostrow examines the life of your tweets and status updates post-death.

Adam Ostrow on the Final Post (5:33)

Reid Hoffman and Tim O’Reilly Talk Web 3.0

A pair of leading social media experts discuss what’s next in this video. (12:22)

Some goodies from Social Media Event Marketing U

LinkedIn Account Review

As part of my creation of an upcoming social media event marketing training site, I’m putting together a number of videos on how to use various social media platforms. Watch for the site to launch in early 2012. In the meantime, here’s one of those videos – this is a review of the types of LinkedIn accounts – which one is right for you?


Find me on LinkedIn here – and feel free to send me an invite to connect!


Posting Video from the Tradeshow Floor

It can’t be the easiest thing to post video from a tradeshow floor, there amongst the chaos and cacophony of exhibitors and attendees.

However, if you make a plan to get some video out during the show, you’ll surely benefit from it!

So to make a plan, make sure you have the pieces you’ll need:

  • YouTube or Facebook account
  • Video camera: Flip or Kodak; Smartphone with video capabilities or similar
  • Online access, either via a laptop with direct ‘net access or w-fi, or your Smartphone
  • Ability to edit video (or at least be able to shoot short videos that are ready-to-upload immediately upon shooting)
  • A list of types of videos you’d like to shoot

Once you have the first four items – the technical ability to shoot, edit and upload video – your next step is to create the shortlist of types of videos you’d like to shoot.

Some of those that you might consider include:

  • Testimonials
  • Product demonstrations
  • Guest appearances in your booth (authors, tech guys, creative folks who don’t normally see the light of day!)
  • Brief discussions with company reps (CEO, Marketing folks, etc) that discuss pertinent topics taking place at the show

Once you create the list, you are ready for the show. To implement your plan, put someone in charge. Create a schedule, which may include dates and times for product demos, guests, etc. If you can schedule testimonials with your raving clients, do so. Other testimonials may just grow out of random visits from clients or customers. Look for opportunities to put them in front of the camera. If you have room in your booth, leave the camera up on a tripod and ask if they have a few minutes to discuss your product and how it works for them.


If you can follow this type of shooting schedule and compile several raw videos during the show, chances are you can find a few per day to upload to your YouTube channel or to Facebook (or both). Hopefully, you’ll have a lot of videos that will give you plenty of material that you can edit and release over the next several months, hopefully right up to the promotion of next year’s appearance at the same show.

You’ll benefit from posting video in numerous ways: showing non-attendees what’s going on by including them in your show; showing off the various people who do attend (people love the attention); increasing brand awareness, showing how a product works to someone who might not have otherwise ever seen in, which might create a new customer; putting a face on company employees who might otherwise remain nameless and faceless, which makes your company more attractive to people who like to know the kinds of people they’re considering purchasing from, and much more. No doubt you could add to this list of reasons why shooting video at your tradeshow is beneficial – in fact, feel free to do so!

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