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Best tradeshow marketing tips and case studies. Call 800-654-6946.

May 2009

Five Ways to Cut Your Trade Show Budget

In the old days it seemed a tradeshow was an excuse to party half the night and wake up in the hot tub.

But with an eagle on budgets being the norm today, how can you stretch your bucks? Let’s look at five ways:

  1. Plan ahead. The sooner you know details of your show set-up and travel plans the better. You can usually save by submitting show paperwork early, and booking flights and hotels months, not weeks, ahead of the show.
  2. Buy a nice carpet and take your own trash cans instead of renting
  3. Know the rules. Some shows will enforce codes that can be very costly, or penalize you if you break them. Your trade show manager should have the show books nearly committed to memory.
  4. Ship early. Last-minute drayage costs can shoot the moon.
  5. Avoid high cleaning fees: take your own carpet sweeper.

These are just thought-starters. What ideas do you have for saving $$ in your tradeshow marketing? We’d love to hear your suggestions.

Do you Have All You Need for the Tradeshow?

Are you fully prepared to attend a tradeshow? I mean, really prepared?

HOW you prepare depends on WHY you’re going to the show. Some good reasons for going: scouting out new products; networking with colleagues, clients and prospects; looking for a job; spying on the competition.

If you’re going as strictly an attendee, make sure you scheduled all of the sessions and presentations you’d like to. Take a list of contacts you’d like to meet up with. A laptop or Blackberry is an easy place to keep those, you can keep in contact with many of them as well as your home office.

Book as many meetings with targeted contacts that you can before the show. A tradeshow is no place to be a wilting flower – get out and meet folks, don’t be afraid to meet people you haven’t met before.

You plan to come back from the show with a lot more than you went: names, numbers, information, new impressions of dozens of people and companies.

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