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Top 5 Social Media Videos of 2011

Of course it’s absurd to call any set of five videos ‘the Top 5’ but it’s fun to create lists, anyway. For the past week I’ve been reviewing videos of 2011 to see which ones floated to the top. There are a lot of social media videos (of course), but these are the five that grabbed my attention.


Social Media Revolution 2011

This video captured the zeitgeist of the various social media stats floating around and presented them in a compelling way:


Egypt’s Uprising: Tracking How Social Media Stirred Action

Social media is changing the world, and giving voice and freedom to a generation that won’t sit still while the current leaders try and keep the status quo. Here’s an interview from Dubai-based News Group International on how social media affected some of the uprisings in the Middle East:

Watch the video here. (7:40)

Adam Ostrow: After your Final Status Update

What happens to all those thousands of pieces of content you’ve created after you die? Adam Ostrow examines the life of your tweets and status updates post-death.

Adam Ostrow on the Final Post (5:33)

Reid Hoffman and Tim O’Reilly Talk Web 3.0

A pair of leading social media experts discuss what’s next in this video. (12:22)

Some goodies from Social Media Event Marketing U

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