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Social Media: You Don’t Have to Be Perfect

I know people who hold back from doing things because they feel that if they don’t do it perfectly, they would rather not do it.

Excuse me, but you’re human. You will never be perfect. So don’t let your fear of not being ‘perfect’ out of the box on your social media tradeshow marketing hold you back.

Perfection DOES exist. But only in the eye of the beholder. For instance, a rose can be perfect. Or an outdoor landscape in the desert or mountain. Or a night out with your significant other.

social media: you can't be perfect, so don't try.
You can’t see the perfect forest for the trees!

But social media? Don’t hold your breath. All of your competitors and colleagues are still scrambling for the best way to do something. They’re trying to tweet at the right time to get more people to their booth. They’re looking to use Facebook to brand their appearance at the show. They’re hoping that Pinterest will hold someone’s interest enough after the show with photographs that those viewers will learn something or remember a bit or piece of the show.

But that’s all they’re doing: they’re just trying.

Don’t worry about perfect. Just think about the next step and take it.

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