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Best tradeshow marketing tips and case studies. Call 800-654-6946.


TradeshowGuy Monday Morning Coffee, February 12, 2018: Vikram Rajan

Vikram Rajan of tells an interesting story of working with attorneys, speaking and attending conferences, tradeshows and similar events all in the pursuit of promoting his business. A very engaging and interesting conversation. Also on today’s podcast: Tradeshow Tip of the Week on how to take better exhibit and tradeshow photos with your smartphone.

Check it out on today’s vlog/podcast:

This week’s ONE GOOD THING:

Tesla Roadster in Space!

TradeshowGuy Monday morning Coffee, January 29, 2018: Anders Boulanger

Anders Boulanger is a professional presenter that works the tradeshow circuit with his company The Infotainers. I’ve know Anders for years – long distance – and finally got a chance to meet in person several months ago when our paths crossed in Las Vegas. As a guest on the TradeshowGuy Monday Morning Coffee, Anders talks about his business, who he works with, how he does it from Winnipeg, Canada, and much more:


ONE GOOD THING: Scruff the Rescue Dog.

TradeshowGuy Monday Morning Coffee, January 22, 2018: Jim Palmer

Jim Palmer is a business building coach and marketing expert and host of the Dream Biz Coach TV and Dream Business Radio. Yet, somehow, among all of that, he found time to chat with me from his boat in Florida recently about business-building:

Here’s the audio podcast version:

And today’s ONE GOOD THING: Cool Sheets (click!)

TradeshowGuy Monday Morning Coffee, January 8, 2018: Charles Pappas

Welcome to a new year – so glad you found us online! This week’s interview on the TradeshowGuy Monday Morning Coffee features the author of a new book called “Flying Cars, Zombie Dogs and Robot Overlords.” Charles Pappas, a senior writer at Exhibitor Magazine, was kind enough to sit down with me and discuss this unique historical look at expos, exhibitions and tradeshows:

This week’s ONE GOOD THING: The new Beck album, Colors.

TradeshowGuy Monday Morning Coffee: a Year of Guests

When I started the TradeshowGuy Monday Morning Coffee a year ago, my intent was to hold forth weekly about some aspect of the tradeshow world, mix in personal and no-tradeshow or event-related business discussion, and have the occasional guest. After a while of doing that, I decided that I needed guests more regularly – it’s much more fun and entertaining! And you learn a bunch from other people, too.

Tradeshowguy monday Morning Coffee

Looking back on the past year, a whole lot of interesting folks stopped by. Here they are, in no particular order):

Mike Duseberg of Magic Means Business – entertaining your tradeshow or corporate crowd.

Ashley Blalock of the Ashley Avery Agency – using hired crew and models in your tradeshow booth.

Dale Obrochta of Put a Twist on It – drawing a crowd at a tradeshow booth with entertainment.

John Halvorson of Transgroup Global Logistics – shipping and tradeshow logistics tips from a pro.

Mel White of Classic Exhibits in Portland – should you rent or purchase a new exhibit?

Ellen Goodwin, Productivity Expert.

Dianne Weiss Jones of DJ Public Relations – how to let the world know about you through PR.

Lynn Maria Thompson, business advisor and ghost writer, and author of the new book The Feline CEO.

Gwen Hill of Exhibit Force – keeping a handle on all of those tradeshow record-keeping tasks.

Jay Tokosch of Core-Apps – using an app to share your catalog, and track and analyze data.

Peter Shankman, author and keynote speaker – on the release of his net book Faster Than Normal.

Richard Erschik of – on turning leads into dollars.

Lou Bortone, one of the top video marketers in the world, on what it takes to consistently create good online video interaction.

Dan Paulson, author and business consultant, discusses his new book Apples to Apples.

Brad Kleiner of Flywheel/Sandler Sales Training – on using a sales system that works.

Mel White of Classic Exhibits again, this time on rental exhibits and changes to the Exhibit Design Search.

Katina Rigall-Zipay of Classic Exhibits, 3D exhibit designer on what it takes to create a great exhibit design.

Oz du Soleil of Excel on Fire – Excel spreadsheet trainer.

Roger Courville of – on making connections in a changing world.

Matt Kazam, stand-up comic and entertainer – on making the switch to tradeshows and  corporate events.

Don Svehla, publisher of Exhibit City News.

Booth Mom Candy Adams on the management of tradeshow exhibit programs.

TED talk veteran, Emmy-winning Executive TV producer Bill Stainton. What it takes to be a keynote speaker, and how he changed his career.

Paul Jackson, Executive Producer of When Calls the Heart, on what it takes to make it in the TV/movie industry – and what today’s producers are looking for.

Hey, that’s quite a line-up – let’s see who we can speak with in 2018.

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TradeshowGuy Monday Morning Coffee: December 18, 2017: Paul Jackson

A fun and engaging conversation to end the year of podcasts/video blogs: I sat down with “When Calls the Heart” Executive Producer Paul Jackson to discuss the upcoming 2-hour season opener on Christmas night, what it takes to make it in Hollywood as either a writer or actor, how persistence, hard work and discipline count. And of course, a look at where our lives crossed in radio sometime in the Dark Ages of the early 80s.

It’s got virtually nothing to do with the tradeshow and events industry, except that a lot of the same concepts and disciplines that it takes to succeed in one industry are critical in another.

You’ll like this:

ONE GOOD THING: I got to play Santa Claus and handed out a few of these:

Tradeshowguy Tumblers

This is the last vlog/podcast of 2017. Since Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on Mondays this time around, I’m going to skip both days along with the newsletter and let ’em nap until 2018. See you the second week of the near year! Subscribe to the podcast here – subscribe to the TradeshowGuy Newsletter here.




TradeshowGuy Monday Morning Coffee: December 4, 2017 [video replay/podcast]

Today’s TradeshowGuy Monday Morning Coffee caught up with the very busy Booth Mom Candy Adams. She’s been in the industry helping companies succeed at tradeshow marketing for years and shares a lot of great insights into how it all works – especially when you have to pull Plan B out of your back pocket:


ONE GOOD THING: Robert Plant’s new CD Carry Fire.

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