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Exploding iPad Use at Tradeshows

A few months ago I took a look at ways you can use iPads at tradeshows. Several bloggers chimed in with apps and ideas that were are worth a look. Given the exploding popularity of iPads once the iPad 2 came out in March of this year, perhaps its time to take another look.

Classic Exhibits of Portland is stepping into the hardware side of the iPad tradeshow discussion by making various bits of hardware, including counter inserts, swivel stands and other frames. Get a look here (yes, we’re a dealer – if you want an iPad mounting unit from Classic, give me a call or drop a line!)…

Roger Lewis at Alliance Tech looks at many ways iPads can be used, including (but not limited to): product demos, lead retrieval,  surveys, electronic marketing and social media. Check his post here.

The National Conference Center Blog chimed in with a few ideas for iPad usage here, including building navigation and white-boarding.

And if you’re considering using iPads at tradeshows, make sure you don’t do a few things, like not confirming you have wi-fi access (and more). This list thanks to FatStax Apps.

Lou Bartizan of Bartizan Connects recently posted a slideshow at on ways to use the iPad at tradeshows. Check it out here:

6 Posts on Using iPads at Tradeshows You Might Have Missed

…in which our intrepid reporter takes a stroll through a number of blogs and news outlets. And takes a couple of the companies to task for, well, various things…

Alexis Exhibits details a number of ways tradeshows will benefit from using iPads, including:

  • videos and photos
  • lead retrival and demos
  • attendee schedules
  • and more…

As an aside, I was disappointed in the Alexis website for one BIG reason: they only list a toll-free number and general e-mail but NO other contact information. Who are these people? Where are they? Why the mystery?

Tradeshowfeed, courtesy of Rogers Exhibits, lists several ways to use the iPad at a tradeshow:

  • incorporating multimedia
  • interactive demos
  • agendas, one-to-one appointments, and personalized agendas
  • way-finding
  • and more…

The Tradeshowfeed blog is actually a nice enough blog with useful information and a good look, but seems pretty inactive. However, when you click the ‘Latest” link, the four most recent posts are from Feb 8, 2011, November, 2010; October, 2010 and August of 2010. Uhm, that’s barely enough to fog a mirror, folks.

Eric Lukazewski’s “Tradeshow Insight” blogs is one of the more active and interesting tradeshow blogs that you’ll find and this post lists 5 iPad apps that may make your tradeshow world a little easier.

Sullen iPad Catalog App Launches At Trade Shows” details a custom catalog that is being used on tradeshow floors to demo an art-driven lifestayle apparel brand. Nicely done.

Alexis Exhibits covers some of the same ground as their other iPad post, but still offers a batch of good ideas for using iPads at tradeshows:

  • Personal demos
  • Portability
  • Interactivity
  • Create a hands-on kiosk
  • and more…

The Monetate Market Optimization Blog offers a review of their experience using the iPad to demo their marketing software at a recent tradeshow. One thing that they like was the personal interaction that the iPad offers over a larger flat screen.

iPad photo (CC-BY-SA) by Glenn Fleishman from Seattle, Washington

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