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Best tradeshow marketing tips and case studies. Call 800-654-6946.

What’s your social media ROI?

Are you spending time or money on social media? Are you seeing a return on that investment? My guess is that it’s hard to tell. It could be that you’re not looking at it the right way or doing the right things in your company’s social media world. Some companies get it. Others don’t. The rest of us are flapping our wings in between, trying to get some loft out of this new entity…or…whatever it is.

Whether you’re putting resources into your marketing (tradeshow or otherwise), you should find this short (about 4 minutes) video fun, enlightening and perhaps even a bit intimidating when you consider what some of your competitors are already doing with social media…


  • Portland Photo Booth ,

    I’ve been an avid member of message boards for years and always suspected that the average person would become addicted once the format was simplified for them. Thus, social media.

    Fav. fact from that video: 19% of tv ads return positive ROI!

    • Tim Patterson ,

      I think social media tends to be more scattered than the message boards you describe – although you can narrowly focus on a conversation (using hashtags on Twitter, for instance). Just as I was getting into BBS’s and the message boards on that platform (early 90s) we were suddenly hit with this new thing called the internet, so I found BBS’s much less attractive. Of course most went away.

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